Past Project

City Walk Upgrade

This project recently completed for EDD was undertaken in the one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the City, City Walk. RAM planned, implemented and managed pedestrian and traffic management to ensure limited disruption to the many shops and businesses in the area.

The works included, stormwater, street-lighting, irrigation, 90m of ACO Strip Drain, 160m of off-form concrete walls, 1200m2 of decorative coloured concrete, turf, artwork installation and installation of events power, electrical pillars and street lighting.

RAM implemented approved traffic management plans at both ends of the site and managed the inclusion of significant changes to scope including the change in the feature wall design from precast to poured in-situ.

RAM was able to work with the client and superintendent to accelerate the program and implement a staged handover of several zones to assist public relations. This change was undertaken at a nil cost to the project.

The project was handed over in front of time and with minimal defects.