blundell’s cottage

This tiny 1860’s worker’s dwelling has stood witness to a lot of changes in 157 years. In 2017, the building’s stonework underwent structural conservation works. Now complete, these works have paved the way for further works which will see an enhancement to the all-important landscape setting. These works will provide a trip down memory lane and build a story that showcases the land use in the area, especially relevant to the Cottage’s early history. In addition to the Cottage environs, conservation works will also be conducted on the slab building using traditional timber bush skills.

Once reopened, Blundells Cottage and its landscape setting will provide a historic insight into the lives of the families who lived in the Cottage. This will include the families' experiences on the Limestone Plains from the Colonial Period to the time when Canberra was selected as the site for the Federal Capital, finishing with the construction of modern Canberra. This will be the first time that the Blundells Cottage display will feature the stories relating to the whole of its twentieth century history.