coombs open space

This project provides the newly established Canberra suburb of Coombs several new open space sites for recreational and community use. The project items consisted of:

  • Extensive earthworks, totalling over 30,000m3 of bulk and detail earthworks.

  • Construction of large civil infrastructure including 150mm water mains, 150mm diameter sewer mains, stormwater box culverts, including road crossings and connections to existing services.

  • Installation of Class 2 in-situ concrete walls, curved and straight with stairs.

  • Approximately 4,000m2 of asphalt pavements

  • Construction of 3,000m2 of feature concrete pavements including grit blasted, coloured concrete and exposed aggregate concrete.

  • Street Lighting, totalling 64 new light columns and fittings with over 2 kilometres of associated conduit and cabling.

  • Extensive underground irrigation services to Stage 2, including coordinating water tie and electrical supply for irrigation controller.

  • Installation of Street Furniture including large feature concrete sculptural elements.

  • Design, fabricate and install numerous bespoke steel elements including signs, shelters, furniture and bridges.

  • Supply and spread topsoil to over 48,000m2 of grassing, including sowing dryland grass and bitumen straw mulch to those areas.

  • Installation of over 30,000 plants and trees.

  • Construction of 5 separate playgrounds at various sites throughout Coombs, including equipment from 7 different suppliers. Coordinating the design, fabrication and installation of 3 separate steel pedestrian bridges with modwood decking, all installed on the same day.

RAM demonstrated the capacity to successfully manage the construction of isolated work areas concurrently and implemented WHS and environmental procedures to ensure compliance at all times.