At RAM Constructions we place the highest emphasis on our WHS Performance. Over the past three years in the ACT construction industry some hard truths have come to light as a result of the Getting Home Safety Report published by WorkSafe ACT, as well as the ongoing investigations into the three fatal incidents that occurred in 2012/13. We have reviewed this report as well as discussed the recommendations with our own employees to gain a better understanding and appreciation of how our business operations impact them and their day to day challenges in managing WHS both on our sites and within our office.

As a result we have bolstered our overall documented WHS management system to place a higher emphasis on the measurement and review of our own performance and general operations. We are pleased to acknowledge the following milestones for our company and employees:

  • Successful implementation and overall acceptance with our employees of a vigorous WHS Management System.

  • Several audits under the ACT Government active certification scheme with only minor non-conformances and general observations for improvement identified. We note all were actioned and implemented prior to the next audit.

  • Education and commitment of our older site-based employees such as site foreman and leading hands to ensure their acceptance of a site based WHS program.

  • Interest and commitment from our junior employees with regard to input and improvement of our current systems.

These milestones have had a huge impact on our measurable WHS performance. Our WHS program is in place to prevent harm to our employees, subcontractors and other parties that work on our sites. Management and staff are absolutely committed to its ongoing implementation and improvement.

RAM Constructions operates an integrated management system covering Quality, OHS and Environmental Management, known as RAM BMS (Business Management System). The BMS is an externally audited system administered by International Certifications.